Here at Premium Vapes we are always putting our customers first and instead of them having to visit our stores we thought it would be easier to deliver their vaping requirements directly.

We provide our members with the best e-liquids along with their desired nicotine strength of which can be delivered bi-weekly or monthly. All you need to do is sign-up and let us do the rest.

Your e-liquids will be securely packaged and delivered directly through your letterbox, no signatures are required for the delivery as we have purposely designed the packaging to ensure it can always be delivered through a standard sized letterbox.

Why Did We Start Our Monthly Subscription Service?

We have a strong team of which everyone vapes, during our day to day operations it could become difficult to get new e-liquids from your local shop. We wanted to create a simple subscription service that could cover all your e-liquid needs in either a bi-weekly or monthly delivery.

Simplicity, cost & an effective delivery service are our main priorities and we believe our new service excels in these three areas.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a team of experienced and dedicated vapers who are looking to provide a service to the entire market. You could be new to vaping or an individual who has vaped since its infancy, here at Premium Vapes we want to ensure that your needs are met.

Fantastic service from Premium Vapes, delivery is always on time and at a fantastic price.

Mollie Sinner – London

Great way to quit smoking, reducing nicotine volumes monthly and could not be happier.

Jason Krodel – Hampshire

Huge range of flavours and a very effective service, very happy with the e-liquids.

Maria Jones – Essex

Signed up to the bi-weekly service, always delivered on time and a great product.

Rob Gibbard - Dorset