5 ways vaping is better than smoking

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5 Ways Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

There are quite a few reasons why people are turning to vaping in droves, and away from smoking and other ‘traditional’ nicotine sources. Here are 5 of the best reasons to switch:

  • Your Health

Everyone knows that smoking is simply terrible for your health. Heart disease, COPD, lung cancer and a host of other health problems are a direct result of smoking. The only chemical vaping has in common with smoking is nicotine (and you can even get nicotine-free e-liquids). The rest of the really harmful stuff – the tar and cancer-causing chemicals, are completely absent.

The medical studies are conclusive, and vaping is miles better for you. Public Health England estimated it to be “95% less harmful”, and others have suggested even better numbers.


  • The Flavour

Let’s be honest – despite what all the adverts used to say, traditional tobacco only comes in 2 flavours – Burning Tobacco and Burning Tobacco with Menthol (which it turns out was even worse for you!). Both tasted horrible.

E-liquid, however, is available in, literally, thousands of different flavours and flavour combinations. You can even get ‘tobacco’ flavour – hundreds of different ones. And not a one smells like ‘smoky death’. Most vapers, though discover that they actually like exploring new and interesting flavour choices. Many have a few ‘stand by favourites’ but also try something new every time they buy.


  • Consideration for Others

We all know about ‘second hand smoke’ and we know that non-smokers really don’t like being close to someone who is smoking. They don’t enjoy the smell, and they worry that it will get on them, or into their car, etc. Frankly, it can give smokers a real self-image problem.

Unless you go out of your way to exhale huge clouds, vaping expels very little actual vapour, and that vapour… smells nice. Even to non-vapers. No one is going to hesitate to offer you a ride because you smell like blueberry and mint. No one is going to hesitate to kiss you for the same reason.


  • Sheer Convenience

E-cigs and vaping pens are just… easier to live with. You don’t need to buy a pack of cigarettes every day (or more often). A bottle of e-liquid can easily last weeks. The fact that they recharge in USB sockets is nice, too. But that’s not what I mean.

I mean that the real inconvenience of smoking was going outside to smoke, in the rain, in the middle of winter. Even in places where smoking inside wasn’t illegal, it was frowned upon. There are certainly still places that don’t allow vaping, but they are fewer by far.


  • Addiction – or the lack of it

Many researchers tell us that vaping is just less addictive than smoking. Quite a few people turned to vaping from smoking expecting to vape for the rest of their lives, and happy just to lower their cancer risk. They then discover that, over time, they don’t feel the need to vape. It is easier to quit vaping, even if you smoked for decades before you started vaping.

Of course, you don’t have to quit, but it is nice knowing that it would be much easier, if you wanted to.

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5 Ways Vaping Is Better Than Smoking
There are quite a few reasons why people are turning to vaping in droves, and away from smoking and other ‘traditional’ nicotine sources. Here are 5 of the best reasons to switch:

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3rd January 2018

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